How to use Hard wax beans – step by step guide


Hi guys! In my previous post I went into detail regarding what tough wax beans are all about. This time, I’m likely to be guiding you through the actual process of how to use hard wax beans for hair removal.

Like I said elsewhere on this website, I have been doing my own waxing ever since I was 19, and I have also visited my fair share of waxing salons. In all my yearsI have never locate a product quite like these incredible little body hair removal hard wax beans.

What is so great about hard wax beans?

Besides looking cool and available in a lot of fun colors and scents (chocolate, honey, lavender, strawberry, hibiscus, green tea, you name it), the simple and plain reason why hard wax beans are so amazing is how they just WORK.

Painless, stripless hair removal is so easy with these earrings, I am surprised they are not trending mainstream –although I learned about them via a lonesome, inconspicuous Instagram article on a friend’s profile(the post had just 3 enjoys and has been buried under memes and honeymoon pictures).

With hard wax beans hair removal is a cinch. These legumes are the best kind of hard stripless wax there’s.

Waxing beads are made of a special formula that ensures the elimination of 98-99% hairs and yet it is sensitive enough to be compatible with all skin types (however, please do check the security guidelines at the end of this post!) . The outcomes are long-lasting (following wax beads for waxing, I remain hairless for a good 4 weeks), and you can bid farewell to extreme waxing salon bills — cool beans really (sorry).

These stripless painless depilatory hard wax beans are so easy and easy to use, they will make the biggest, hairiest scaredy cats do a complete 180 and begin DIY waxing without even batting an eye.

These waxing beans are just really exciting in terms of what they can do and the way they can totally alter the hair removal game for women the world over!

Getting Started — Everything you’ll need

The hard Wax beans:

To start with, you’ll need hot wax beans -they are good wherever you intend to wax, whether you require hard wax beans for the face or if you’re arranging a hard wax Brazilian.

There’s no shortage of choice, but it can be hard to select the right ones. I have tried out a lot of what the industry now has to offer, and my top picks are the hard wax beans which were easiest to melt down and apply, gentlest on the skin, best at eliminating the biggest quantity of hair, most painless to eliminate, and also the many mess-free. For the very best hard wax rings, I would advise you go for any of these:

1. Cirepil Blue Wax by Perron Rigot

How to use Hard wax beans - step by step gu

All these Cirepil wax beads are definitely one of my top favorites and one of the very best waxing beans!

For the more sensitive areas and DIY Brazilians, You May Also try Cirepil’s Intimate 4 Wax Beads, which can be even more gentle on skin:

2.Hair Wax Beans by Charmonic, Hard Body Wax Beans, Hair Removal

How to use Hard wax beans - step by step gu

Bras aren’t the only thing these folks know how to do – their waxing beans are top-notch plus I have discovered the formula to be super easy to melt, well pliable when dry, and perfectly simple to remove. Leaves you with smooth, silky hair-free skin no matter where you apply it.

Wax Necessities Film Hard Wax Beads
Plus they have got chamomile in the formula, which soothes skin as you go about your waxing enterprise.

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3.Wax Beans Hard Wax Beads Complete Kit for Painless Hair Removal

Another among the very best hard wax beans out there. In addition to giving you a painless, convenient, and mess-free waxing encounter, Plazuria’s miracle wax beans contain added coconut oil and beeswax, which moisturize and soothe skin as you wax.

How to use Hard wax beans - step by step gu

The Heat

Their simple meltability is one of the plus points, and also you may go two ways of deciding how to melt hard wax beans — the microwave or a wax warmer. Honestly, both will get the job done, and melt the wax beans into a creamy, flowing formula.

However, I am gonna say the wax warmer has a major advantage over the microwave as it’s just more practical, and definitely something that a severe DIY waxer should possess.

While the micro will efficiently nuke it and melt it for you, it won’t maintain the wax continually warm. Your best bet when using a microwave to get your job would be to stand directly next to it while you wax, which means that you may keep popping back the wax in each time it gets cold.

A wax warmer, on the other hand, is small and simple to place wherever you need (your bedroom, bathroom, or wherever you’re waxing). It keeps the wax at a constant temperature throughout your waxing session so instead of having to fight to keep the wax warm, you can focus on the hair removal part! Can I also just say it is pretty dope to observe the beans melt in the warmers?

I have got a few tried and tested wax warmers that have worked great for me. Here are some hints:

1. GiGi Wax Warmer

On this matter, but trust me, that warmer is heroic and super dependable; it’s been my trusty companion through many a wax session. It will keep your wax in the ideal temperature, and make certain you get a smooth and successful wax session each time.

How to use Hard wax beans - step by step guIde

2. Femiro Wax Warmer

This is another trusted little beauty that will warm up your wax very quickly and have it at the perfect temperature for all your waxing needs. It is a pretty stellar warmer with fantastic functionality!

How to use Hard wax beans - step by step guIde





The Applicator

You can peel it off with your fingers when it dries, but if the wax beans are in their melted form, you are likely to want a spatula to spread them to your skin. Some people swear by these plastic slanted spatulas, but I like to use regular old wooden wax applicators — they’re cheap and they get the work done well.

I love to stock up on those Rayson Wax Applicators for larger areas like legs and arms:

And these are Fantastic for the more challenging areas where you need more maneuverability (think bikini lines):

These Gigi Fine Applicators are excellent for intense precision, like when you are waxing regions such as your eyebrows.

But you can just kill All of Your wax application needs with a single stone and go with this’For Pro Wood Applicator Wax Spatulas Tray’ which comprises 400 wooden spatulas in three different sizes, for use on different Areas of the body:

Ready, Steady, Wax! Step-by-step guide
Once you’ve got everything you need, it’s time to start waxing.

Measure 1:

Might look like a no-brainer, but I honestly can’t stress this enough — please do not just start waxing in a rush. Whether you’re waxing your legs with hard wax or waxing your eyebrows with hard wax, then take the time to make sure your skin is thoroughly cleansed and grease-free before starting!

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So many men and women complain about how they do not get good results with DIY waxing, but hardly anyone bothers to follow the principles.

You can’t begin waxing without ensuring that your skin is clean, dry, and grease-free — only then would you find the best results. It’s also important to not skip the cleanup thing because when you waxany germs that is on your skin has a possibility of getting into the open pores. So, do your self a favor and before you go through all that effort — CLEANSE.

With the majority of hard waxes, you need to follow the cleanup by applying some type of powder or oil pre-waxing, to create that small barrier between your skin and the wax, but with hard wax beans, you can skip that entirely. Cool, right?

Measure 2:

Next, heat up the wax beads till they melt you are able to stir them together with your applicator stick to help them along. Once the wax pellets have melted completely, we must receive them into a comfortable working temperature. This is super easy if you’re using a wax warmer — just turn it down into a lower heat setting. But if you’re using a microwave, then you’ll need to allow the wax stand and cool off a little.

Never start waxing immediately after heating — that’s how people end up burning their own skin! Always make sure you test the temperature . To do this, allow the wax cool a bit, give it a stir, then using the applicator stick, dab a little onto the inside of the wrist.

Otherwise, cool or heat the wax in accordance with your needs, to get it to a workable temperature. However, remember that the wax needs to be liquid and refrigerated in order for it to be useable, and thus don’t allow it to cool to the point where it will become thick and difficult to work with!

Measure 3:

Hard wax beans possess a special formula that doesn’t distort hair follicles, which means that you can pretty much use the wax in any way But I’d recommend that you apply wax at the direction of the hair growth, because this contributes to the very best hair removal results.

Measure 4:

Now, dip your applicator stick into the wax, then swirl it around and scoop up a small, marble-sized level on its tip, twirling it around the stick to keep it from dripping back in the container.

Then, spread it smoothly over your planned area, along the direction of the hair growth, making sure you spread it somewhat thick (if it’s too thin a layer, it will crack rather than come off easily in 1 piece). Keep the borders somewhat thicker than the remainder of the wax patch, so the patch is easier to remove when it stinks.

Also, kinda TMI, but I like to use a mirror when I do Brazilian waxes, it simply makes it much simpler to find out what you are doing.

Another tip — work in segments! Don’t attempt to cover large areas all in 1 go.

Measure 5:

As soon as you’ve spread it give the wax patch a while to cool and cool. With wax beans, this does not take much time, and also you may check it by tapping it with your fingernail (it’ll make a slight noise once it has set). Basically, it should be firm and smooth to the touch — this way you’ll understand it’s set and is ready to be removed. If they dry, wax beans company up, but nevertheless stay pretty flexible and pliable.

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Measure 6:

Utilize the wash of your applicator stick to loosen up a very small edge of the patch that you may grip, maintain the epidermis of the intended area taut, then rip the patch off in 1 business, fluid and rapid movement AGAINST the direction of hair growth.

You absolutely have to be quick and firm when ripping off it, and remain as parallel and close to the skin as you can while you pull (don’t pull up it at a steep angle, this may lead to bruising). If done the correct manner, waxing beans are painless and super simple to use!

Measure 7:

Admire your smooth, hair-free patch of skin and have a moment to marvel at the way that didn’t even hurt!

Measure 8:

Repeat the process and keep functioning in segments until your preferred area is completely hair free. Unlike other waxes, you can go over the exact same place in one session twice, if desired (or just tweeze any leftover hair later, if you prefer).

Tough wax beans leave no residue on the skin, so there’ll not be any tacky post-wax cleaning sessions up needed — yay! But if you do experience a tiny post-wax redness (it sometimes happens sometimes), apply a cooling product like aloe vera gel, and that will clear it up in no time.

Measure 9:

To keep your skin smooth and healthy, make sure that you regularly exfoliate the darkened areas.

Safety advice for using Hard Wax Beans
Given their natural ingredients, hard wax beads for baldness are generally safe for all skin types. However, just like all waxes and hair removal products, you need to make absolutely certain that you do not use hard wax beans on broken, irritated, inflamed or damaged skin, or on lotions, soaps, sunburned areas or regions of the skin which happen to be influenced by surgery.

Additionally, be cautious not to wax your skin over 2 hours after showering or sunbathing, and do not opt for sunbathing, tanning, or simmer for at least a day or 2 once you have waxed.

In order to make sure that you do not have an allergic reaction to waxing beads, test a small bit on a little patch of your skin (rather on the area inside your forearm) — if, after 24 hours, all appears well and you haven’t developed a rash or undergone any other adverse reactions, it means you’re good to go.

Do not use hard wax hair removal beans if the skin has reacted badly to wax goods in the past. In case you have skin conditions/skin-related ailments like eczema, or are using medicine that has an impact on your own skin, please consult with your doctor before use.

Remember guys – bald, smooth skin is a significant target, but it’s also very important to be super cautious about your health and skin, so if you believe a product is impacting you discontinue use and consult a doctor immediately! XOXO

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