how to use cold wax strips


The two estheticians and clients require a product which guarantees successful waxing without hassle and said merchandise is, needless to say, wax strips. Sure, we all recognize that soft and hard body waxes are excellent in getting rid of hair, however they are not always the easiest and most simple option. Fortunately, cold wax strips have been around for some time to make waxing a stroll in the park.

If you still have not waxed with cold strips yet, you are missing out on the wonderful results of waxing with time, effort — and possibly money — invested. Here is all you want to know about wax strips and how to use them properly to get super-smooth skin in a snap.

This depilatory solution consists of pre-waxed and ready-to-use muslin or cellulose strips. They’re also pre-cut to a typical size or perhaps to different sizes according to the regions where they are intended to be used: legs, bikini, or face. Cold wax strips watched the day in the 1960s, sometime after the bikini line wax made its entry.

Man Showing How to Use Cold Wax Strips
It is called”cold wax” because it does not need to be warmed. Most strips merely need to be warmed a bit between the palms of your hands to soften prior program. Each wax strip is double-sided: 1 facet comes pre-waxed and the other is a protective layer that’s prepared to peel off and expose the wax.

Wax strips are fairly cheap and they get the job done quickly and easily. Pros and DIYers alike should always keep them in stock to ease waxing treatments in any portion of the body. Everybody is able to use wax strips safely and efficiently, from first time waxers to experienced professionals. Wax strips cause minimal distress.

Most wax strips include post-depilatory towelettes (wipes) to clean up and protect the area after waxing, and also one pack is usually enough for many waxing periods, according to the body part and the coarseness of hair. A single pack has got everything you need for a whole waxing session.
How to Use Cold Wax Strips

Using cold wax strips is rather simple, but there are a few tips to make it easier and far more effective, whether you are at the salon or at home.

Follow These Tips to Learn How to Use Cold Wax Strips

Make sure the hair is long enough (1/4 inch), otherwise, it will be hard for the wax strips to extract hair effectively. Bear in mind that they are not as hardy as other kinds of wax, especially on coarser hair.

Always warm the strips somewhat between your palms. This may soften the feel of the wax and let it adhere better to skin.

Apply even pressure down against the skin once you put the strip on the desired area. This will disperse the wax evenly and produce far better outcomes. Stick to the basic principle of waxing: press on the strip at the direction of hair growth, as you hold the skin taut at the end of the strip.

Cold Wax Strips

Rip the strips in the opposite direction of hair growth and also do it FAST! If you hesitate and behave slowly, you may break your hair and get some hair left behind.

Try not to cut pre-waxed strips to size. This could lead to a cluttered application. Wax strips come in different sizes and shapes, so it is ideal to find the size you need for the body part that you want to treat.

Look for organic ingredients on your wax strips formula. Aloe vera, honeybee, vitamin E, lavender, chamomile, and essential oils such as jojoba, argan, and vanilla are all good options.

As you know, using wax strips does not involve any preparation of this wax, but it will call for skin prepping. Exfoliate 24 hours before waxing, wax clean skin, apply a baby powder to absorb moisture in the event you’re sweaty and avoid sunbathing, warm showers and skin irritants before your wax.

When it comes to post-depilatory steps, respect the same principles you would with any additional wax: prevent tight clothes, warmth, sweaty activities, sun exposure, and other irritants right after waxing and also for at least 24 hours. Wait 24 to 48 hours exfoliate the area and keep up with this routine every other day to maintain dead skin cells at bay. Last but not least, use the post-depilatory a tonic to state the skin following your treatment. You are going to receive silky smooth and glowing skin in no time.

Perhaps you do not understand this, but you may use the strips a few times till they no longer stick to the skin. Once you adhere the strip to the skin after, there’ll be no more wax left, but the strip itself will allow you to touch up any stray hairs. If you’re a DIYer, this superb product will help you do your own waxes with the least risk, complication, and mess. You cannot fail with wax strips, that is why everybody loves them!

Try these aloe vera and chamomile strips to generate your waxing treatments the simplest ever and receive all the benefits of waxing in the most practical manner.

How to use cold wax strips

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