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Sugar soft waxing is something or other I generally swore I could never attempt. I credit it to one too many messed up eyebrow waxes as a high schooler. Or on the other hand possibly it’s simply the idea of consuming myself with softened sugar that doesn’t sit well. In any case, I’m glad keeping a protected separation among me and such a depilatory wax in the event that I can support it. Be that as it may, I’m interested naturally, so I began doing some examination.

It turns out there’s an explanation sugaring is so well known. Supposed to be conventional waxing’s less expensive, less difficult sister, sugar waxing guarantees a 3-fixing option in contrast to day by day shaving. While the idea of tearing my hair out by the root doesn’t actually excite me, not shaving my legs for a long time thoroughly does.

Sugar Soft Wax Recipe

This 3- super ingredients sugar soft wax is a speedy, cheap option in contrast to expensive spa visits and day by day shaving.

Tools you will need: 

Candy thermometer

Medium pan

Ingredients you will need:

2 cups white sugar

1/4 cup lemon juice

2 tablespoons water

1 teaspoon salt


Add all ingredients together into a pot, and without blending, turn the heat to medium-high (mixing can make sugar crystalize on the sides of your pot). In the event that you have one, append your treats thermometer to the side of the pan so you can watch the temperature intently as it cooks.

When the sugar blend begins to bubble, delicately whirl the pot to blend the fixings.

Watch out for the blend and cook until it turns the shade of brown or until your thermometer peruses 260 degrees F (this took around 5 minutes for me, however it could shift contingent upon the size of your pot).

Quickly remove wax from the heat and move it to a glass container to stop the cooking procedure (the wax can break cold glass, so run your container under high temp water for a moment to prepare it for the wax). In the interim, take a spoonful of wax and put it in the cooler. Hold up until it has cooled totally, at that point check the consistency.

It ought to be stretchy like a bit of air pocket gum and marginally clingy. In the event that it’s excessively runny, return wax to the pot and bubble for an additional 30 seconds. On the off chance that it’s excessively hard (like crunchy candy), either include more water and heat up somewhat more or toss it out and begin once again.

When your soft wax is the correct consistency, let it cool totally before applying to skin.


You can store any extra sugar soft wax in the fridge uncertainly. At the point when it’s an ideal opportunity to warm it, microwave in 15-second stretches until delicate and flexible however not hot. In the event that you overcook it, you risk truly consuming yourself or destroying the wax so it’s not, at this point flexible.

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How To Make Sugar Soft Wax

Instructions to Make Sugar soft Wax:

For those of us who’ve had a terrible involvement in waxing, sugaring can be a boon. It’s made with only three ingredients —sugar, lemon squeeze, and salt—so it’s liberated from skin-bothering synthetic concoctions and poisons, and it’s practically allowed to make it as well!

Also, in contrast to normal wax, you let the sugar glue cool before applying, so it’s truly not as unnerving as it appears in light of the fact that there’s zero possibility of getting singed while you’re utilizing it to expel the hair.

Additionally, sugar soft wax won’t adhere to live skin cells, so it doesn’t rip off a layer of skin when you pull. This implies it’s less painful than customary waxing, and you won’t have the injuries for sure.

Presently, I will be totally legit. Making sugar wax is simple once you get its hang. In any case, on the off chance that you’ve never made it, get an additional pack of sugar (or two) preceding you begin.

As a sugar wax beginner, I scoured the web for bearings and adhered to the guidelines precisely, yet I despite everything figured out how to consume my sugar the initial scarcely any occasions. When the sugar begins bubbling, it can go from brilliant to dark in a short time level, and you won’t notice until it’s past the point of no return. Subsequent to learning this the most difficult way possible, I uncovered an old sweets thermometer from underneath the cabinet to spare me the proceeded with problem of eyeballing it.

In the event that you don’t have a treats thermometer, don’t freeze. Simply be adaptable and don’t expect flawlessness on the first go-around. You need to pull the sugar off the burner when it turns a light nectar shading since it will rapidly keep carmelizing as it sits. On the off chance that you try too hard on the main attempt, pour it in the garbage (cautiously) and begin once more.

When the wax has cooled, scoop it out of the compartment and apply it with a spread blade, popsicle stick, or your hands. You’ll need to apply a ¼ inch layer of wax toward the hair and delicately press it onto your skin.

On the off chance that it’s despite everything warm, let it cool for a second with the goal that when you pull at a corner, it comes up in one long strip. At that point get a decent hang on it—and pull!

How To Make Sugar Soft Wax In The Microwave

We tried it out this formula:

1 cup sugar

¼ cup honey

¼ cup newly pressed lemon juice

Consolidate everything in a bowl and microwave it on high in 20-second stretches for around 2 minutes without mixing. Now, it ought to be the perfect consistency for sugar wax.

Regardless of how long I microwaved it for, I just couldn’t get mine to come out right. Since making sugar wax is tied in with vanishing the fluid until the dissolved sugar arrives at a delicate, clingy consistency, microwaving it made it difficult to bubble off enough fluid from the start.

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It additionally made it with the goal that I couldn’t genuinely watch the sugar as it bubbled, so after one microwave meeting too much, my wax came out unshakable. (Perceive how dull it is beneath?)

For us, no, it didn’t work. While in fact a microwave may work, in case you’re new to making sugar wax or you don’t have the opportunity or persistence to experience a couple of test adjusts, stick to doing it on the oven where you can watch out for it.

How To Make Sugar Soft wax | Sugar wax Recipe 2020

Sugar Soft Waxing FAQs

We generally get a great deal (like a ton, a ton) of inquiries concerning making your own sugar wax at home. Incidentally, even with a formula and a video, making your own sugar wax isn’t generally so natural. Hello, I get it! Ideally, I can help shed some light on it for you.

What if we don’t have a candy thermometer?

You’re allowed to eyeball it and stop the cooking procedure once your sugar blend turns a light nectar shading.

Another approach to check the temperature is to fill a medium-size bowl with ice water. Take a little spoonful of the sugar blend and spot it in the bowl of ice water for a couple of moments. When cool, on the off chance that it despite everything looks wiry and won’t structure a ball, that implies it needs to cook longer.

Can we use other type of sugar, like brown sugar?

Indeed, you ought to have the option to. Be that as it may, there’s an opportunity it may take some more experimentation to get the proportion of sugar to fluid right.

What if my sugar wax comes out too hard?

In the event that your sugar wax reliably comes out excessively hard, you’re overcooking it.

Include more lemon squeeze (the specific sum relies upon how hard the sugar blend is) and keep bubbling for another 1–2 minutes. In the event that it’s as yet not malleable enough, include more lemon squeeze and continue bubbling.

When it’s overcooked, now and again the least demanding activity is to throw it out and begin once more.

On the off chance that you’ve attempted a great many clusters and it’s in every case excessively hard, overlook utilizing the thermometer and simply take a stab at cooking it for a shorter measure of time. Furthermore, don’t let your sugar wax cool in the metal pot you cooked it in, or it will overcook in light of the fact that it continues cooking considerably after you take it off the burner.

What if it comes out too soft?

If it’s not hard enough and doesn’t hold fast to the hair, you’re half-cooking it. The main answer for that is to cook it longer.

You can attempt to get it to the correct consistency by returning it in the pot on the burner and warming it for an additional couple of moments. Or on the other hand you can endeavor to utilize the delicate wax as-is with cotton wax strips.

The strips will give the wax something to clutch so you can strip it off, ideally taking the hair with it. On the off chance that the wax is too delicate to even think about sticking to cotton strips, at that point you unquestionably need to cook it another couple of minutes, let it cool, and attempt once more.

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I’ve tried this recipe many times, and it still won‘t come out right. Now what?

For many other reasons, there is anything but a one-size-fits-all sugar wax formula. Here are a couple of the potential issues that recommend you may need to alter the cooking time:

  • It could be the atmosphere you live in (more dampness noticeable all around will influence your sugar wax), or it could be your provisions.
  • Your thermometer isn’t adjusted accurately, or it’s not delicate enough.
  • Your burner gets excessively hot, and the fluid dissipates excessively fast.
  • Perhaps when you expelled the wax from the oven, it continued cooking (this is a major issue for many individuals), so regardless of whether it was immaculate when you evacuated it, it became unshakable after some time.
  • As usual, if this formula doesn’t work for you, another might work better. Continue attempting until you discover a strategy you like.

Do I need to use cotton cloths with this?

On the off chance that the sugar wax is the correct consistency, at that point no, you needn’t bother with cotton fabrics. It ought to stick straightforwardly to the hair and pull away from the skin neatly by hand.

However, on the off chance that your sugar wax isn’t the correct consistency, cotton waxing strips may help by giving the wax something to stick to.

What sort of cotton fabrics would it be advisable for me to use?

You can either purchase pre-made waxing materials on the web (like these), or make your own utilizing old cotton pillowcases, sheets, or window ornaments cut into 2-inch x 4-inch strips. You’ll need texture with no stretchiness, so it pulls off all at once.

Can i store extra sugar wax?

Store it in an old microwave-safe compartment. At the point when you’re prepared to utilize it, pop it in the microwave and warmth in 15-second spans until liquefied. Simply be too cautious in light of the fact that hot sugar wax can cause genuine consumes.

How long will it remain great?

Uncertainly in the fridge.

How long should your hair Stick to the wax?

Hair ought to be in any event 1/4-inch (5–6 mm) long.

Where to buy sugar wax?

You can buy from here

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